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England football manager Fabio Capello has wished David Haye the best of luck ahead of his World Heavyweight Championship fight against Wladimir Klitschko in Germany at the Imtech Arena on Saturday, 2nd July 2011.

David is aiming to unify the Heavyweight division before he retires in October.

This will undoubtedly be Haye’s biggest fight of his career so far and is hoping to add the WBO and IBF heavyweight titles in Hamburg to his current WBA title, England will be behind Haye as he attempts to take the Ukrainians titles away after Klitschko’s domination of the Heavyweight division for years.

Check out Fabio’s good luck message below:


Dereck Chisora says he is looking forward to getting in the ring with Wladimir Klitschko on April 30th, Chisora is delighted to get a second opportunity to fight the Ukrainian after the Champion pulled out of the last fight due to injury and Chisora says he will grap his opportunity with both hands.

WBA title holder David Haye had been tipped to fight IBF and WBO champion Klitschko, but have negotiations stumbled between the two parties, Wladimir decided to re-arrange the bout with Chisora.

“I can’t wait to get into the ring and smash the living daylights out of Wladimir,” Chisora said.

“He has so many weaknesses. I don’t care how many fights I’ve had. I would have taken him on in my first fight.”

Meanwhile Chisora’s promoter Frank Warren insists that the Haye camp are responsible for the break down in negotiating the fight with Wladimir Klitschko, Warren insists that Adam Booth is the hardest man to deal with Boxing.

“The contract between ourselves and Wladimir had a get-out clause in it that said he could fight someone else if he pulled out,” Warren said.

“It was no secret that they were talking to Haye but thankfully, true to form, Adam Booth and David Haye made it an easy decision for them.

“I read some of the things that have been said from Adam Booth and David Haye about how difficult the Klitschkos were, but I have dealt with them on two occasions and I can honestly say that Adam Booth is without a doubt the most difficult person I’ve ever had to deal with in boxing.

“What is he (Haye) doing fighting Audley Harrison when he could have fought Klitschko?

“You have to be an idiot not to know that they (the Klitschkos) want to make the (Haye) fight.”

Wladimir Klitschko has insisted that he can still fight David Haye on July 2nd following his bout with Derek Chisora on April 30th.

But IBF, IBO AND WBO Champion suggests that he won’t need long to prepare to fight David Haye.

The Ukrainian said, “I don’t need a half a year to prepare for Haye.

“Me fighting Chisora first is good promotion for the fight because the guy is also British and very loud.”

Haye says he will retire this year, but only having Nikolay Valuev in 2009 & Audley Harrison in the third round in November as his biggest victories in the Heavyweight Division. Haye would like to add either Klitschko’s to that list, but the Britain feels Wladimir won’t fight so soon after the Chisora fight should a date be agreed?

Haye said, “A bout with me is the most lucrative, meaningful and dangerous fight Wladimir’s ever had, not some throwaway tune-up,” said the Londoner.

“Wladimir won’t fight anybody nine weeks after Chisora, let alone me.”

But Wladimir Klitschko insists that if David Haye offers his mandatory challenger Ruslan Chagaev step-aside money, then the Ukrainian would be free to fight Haye.

“I don’t take David Haye as a super-special fight. I’m always in shape anyway. He could give Chagaev step-aside money and then I’m going to be there with nobody to fight.

“Because of our history before, I would fight him on 2 July and we would work on the contract, but I would fight Chisora first.

“There have a been a lot of lies from David Haye and [trainer] Adam Booth. We found a date, 2 July, to fight him, but I don’t trust these guys any more.”

Klitschko feels both David Haye and trainer Adam Booth have been lying and playing the media game.

Haye said last week that if Klitschko did not fight him before he retires, the Ukrainian would be forever linked with a failure to take him on.

Klitschko added, He’s telling everyone ‘I’m going to retire by the end of the year and I will have my legacy’. He’s going to have a legacy for the Audley Harrison fight – the most exciting heavyweight fight in history.

“He has no legacy whatsoever. He has this terrible disease and he has to retire? What is that? This is total nonsense. He is playing the media.

“He will not retire because he’s a liar, liar, liar. From the beginning to the end, he’s a loser liar. That’s the truth about this man.

“David Haye has accomplished nothing in the heavyweight division other than to present himself with his stupid T-shirt and comments.

“This guy will eventually fight me.”

David Haye has called Wladimir Klitschko a “coward” for avoiding a showdown for the WBA Champion and opting to fight Dereck Chrisora instead. All plans were set in stone after Haye agreed to all of Klitschko’s crazy demands.

David Haye still wanted to fight the Ukrainian at all costs and was hoping to be given the opportunity to unify the Heavyweight division should the fight be agreed. Yet now Wladimir has decided to face Chrisora instead for the IBF and WBO which Klitschko currently holds.

Haye said in a statement: “We agreed to a date of July 2 at a venue in Germany with both Sky Sports and RTL and everybody appeared happy with the deal.

“We made a few concessions to remove past stumbling blocks and were happy to do so, as it finally looked like the fight would get made.

“Even through negotiations, though, it was clear Wladimir was looking for the coward’s way out. He would often come up with new obstacles and problems to overcome, and I never once sensed he fancied it.

“He refused to come to England, wanted to pick his own gloves, enter the ring second, box out of the red corner and demanded a German doctor.

“He also wanted his name to feature first on any promotional material ahead of the event. We bowed to each and every one of his demands. I didn’t want to potentially jeopardise anything this time around.”

“Once I retire, people will always ask him ‘why did you not fight David Haye?’ and he will have to live with that. If it does not happen now, it never will.

“Hopefully he is getting some serious stick, will read what the world is saying about him and think ‘okay maybe I will just cancel this fight and do the fight everyone wants to see’.

“It is pretty sad but shows the mindset of Wladimir Klitschko and why he will go down in history as a heavyweight who just fought the worst possible people out there.”

David Haye has now set his sights on facing mandatory challenger Ruslan Chagaev. With Klitschko now agreeing to re-arrange his fight with England’s Dereck Chisora for April 30, WBA heavyweight champion Haye must now make the third defence of his title against the German-based Uzbek Chagaev.

Haye believes IBF AND WBO Champ is running scared and that Klitschko really didn’t want the fight.

Haye said; “Fight fans just want to see the best against the best – if only it was that simple,” Haye said.

“Very rarely in boxing do you get a situation where you have all the pieces of the puzzle, all the politics have been smoothed over?

“Then all of sudden he announces he is fighting Chisora, knowing I have to then fight Chagaev.

“To then fight me after is impossible – it is a shame he has now shown his true colours.

“What is wrong with now? Nothing. It does not make sense, especially after all the public campaign to get me in the ring. This would be a once in a life-time fight.

David Haye’s manager Adam Booth has today confirmed it is now up to the Wladimir Klitschko camp to agree to their latest offer. Previously the negotiations had hit a stumbling block after the WBA champ wanted more than 50% knowing that he would bring more of audience than Klitchsko.

However, now all the previous disagreements have been ironed out, Adam Booth and David Haye were happy to offer Klitschko a 50-50 split.

This was a deal that the Ukrainian had wanted from day one, Wlad had set a deadline of January 4th to agree to fight and now it’s all up to the WBO and IBF Champ to accept.

“We are now perfectly positioned to get together and make this fight with Wladimir Klitschko,” said Booth.

“We have sorted out all the old problems and disagreements and are ready to sign the deal both (Klitschko’s manager) Bernd Boente and I discussed on Sky Sports’ Ringside show in November.

Speaking on UK television about the money that the Haye camp generates, he added; “Despite the fact we know we bring more UK television money to the table, David and I are happy to split the entire pot 50:50 and grant Wladimir the deal he has wanted since day one.

“We have offered them 50:50 on everything – just as they requested – and now see no reason why this tremendous fight can’t happen. The path is clear.”

David Haye said that he sees no reason why Klitschko should not agree to a unification fight in 2011. “We have now ticked every box they have asked us to tick and I just hope Wladimir is as eager to fight as he tells everyone he is,” said Haye.

“We have removed every possible excuse and have shown we are serious about making this fight become a reality. I’ll smoke him out if I have to. I only pray Wladimir is as serious as we are, because this fight needs to happen for the good of the sport.”

Wladimir Klitschko has pulled out of the schedule fight against Dereck Chrisora this Saturday; the Ukrainian has a back problem and has withdrawn just three days before the fight. 

The WBO and IBF champion has back problems after a public workout on Wednesday and his US advisers Shelley Finkel announced, “Wladimir has withdrawn from the fight that is correct. He has torn a muscle in his back.”

“It is not too serious though. He should be able to fight again within 60 days.”

Promoter Frank Warren who is already in negotiation to re-schedule the fight said, “I was informed about an hour ago that Klitschko pulled a back muscle and he was out of the fight,”

“Dereck is very disappointed. He didn’t believe it. He felt everything was fine. Three or four days before a title fight, most of the hard work is done.”

Klitschko and Chisora battle it out on Saturday

Wladimir Klitschko is expecting a stern test when he takes on Dereck Chisora for his IBF & WBO Heavyweight Championship titles, but he insists that he will control the fight from the start at SAP Arena in Germany this Saturday.

The Ukrainian is under no illusion of the threat that Chisora possess and also suggests it will be his most dangerous opponent so far, Klitschko has even insisted that the Zimbabwean-born fighter is more of a threat that David Haye.

However, having done all the hard work in the gym, the champion is confident that he can see off the 26-year-old and retain his world titles.

“I feel fantastic. I’m looking forward to this fight and I think that Dereck Chisora showed also that he is ready, physically and mentally,” said Klitschko.

“The man is looking for a challenge, so am I. Considering that he’s a beginner in the sport, he’s (still) determined, and that’s great. So I will have a great challenge on Saturday night.”

What to expect

He added: “I analyse my challengers very precisely, inside out. And I’ve been watching Dereck Chisora a lot before.

“So I know what to expect in the ring, I know what he’s able to do or not and I’m just looking forward to the fight.”

Chisora has always suggested that he has the power to knock Klitschko out, and the champion is realistic when asked if he could fall victim to a major upset.

“There’s been a lot of talking. Any heavyweight can hit and any heavyweight can get knocked out,” the Ukrainian said.

“It’s (happened throughout) history a lot of times, especially with these young challengers that are undefeated.

“For example, Leon Spinks beat Mohammad Ali in the past, so that’s why I’m not going to underestimate Dereck Chisora.

“I’m not going to overestimate him as well, so not too much respect because I am the champion and I know exactly what to do.”