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Real Madrid’s Xabi Alonso has refused to rule out a return to Liverpool in the future, the Spaniard enjoyed a successful spell at Anfield before leaving for Real Madrid.

Alonso was unhappy when then Liverpool boss Rafael Benitez was willing to sell him as he pursued Gareth Barry, which effectively ended Alonso’s Liverpool days but the Spaniard insists that he would never rule out a return to Anfield.

When asked if would ever consider returning to Liverpool, Alonso told Liverpool TV: “Why not?
“I think that in football so many things change, and why not? I have my red passion and if circumstances arrived then why not?

“At the moment I don’t know what is going to happen, but it could be a possibility. Never say never.”
Alonso, pent five years at Liverpool, but admitted it was a major wrench to leave Anfield and he revealed he still misses the club.

“It was difficult because Liverpool has been and always will be very special,” added Alonso. “It is in my heart because I have lived very intense things there.

“I miss lots of things. I miss the lads, I miss the atmosphere at Melwood – it was a great place to work, and the scenario of Anfield is unbeatable.

“The special nights I have been privileged enough to live, those will be in my memory forever and they are difficult to compare anywhere in the world.”


Fernando Torres has hit out at claims that he is about to quit Liverpool in the wake of a sacking of another Liverpool manager.  The Spaniard has called for the fans to get behind the team and all pull together.

Roy Hodgson was sacked yesterday after a dismal run in the league. KOP Legend Kenny Dalglish has been put in temporary charge and it was thought that senior players like Fernando Torres and Pepe Reina might look to initiate a move away from Anfield.  It would perhaps only take one player to start this particular stack of dominoes falling.

Yet Torres has made an early intervention to dispel any rumours. Both he and Reina have been linked with a transfer to Manchester United.  However, Torres has categorically rejected any talk of leaving and said, “More than ever, we need to stick together. We must live in the present, from match to match.”

In a statement to the press which must have come as a relief to the management of Liverpool, he added: “We need to add more points, win matches and improve our standing in the table. That is our challenge and I demand the total help of our supporters in doing that.”

Whether he instigated this public call for support himself or was asked by Dalglish remains unknown.  However, the Spanish player has effectively quashed rumours of his departure from the team.  “My head is in Liverpool and on helping save our season. I am professional and I always fulfil my deals.” he said today.

Torres went on to add; “I haven’t considered leaving, although in football that depends on the club. Liverpool had a lot of success under Rafa Benitez and that is difficult for anyone to follow. Even if the ball hasn’t always dropped our way this season, we have missed out in a lot of matches.”

Liverpool remains a team in crisis. However, unless Torres does a Rooney this statement will go a long way to relieving management, players’ and fans’ fears.

Reports have been circulating around the media that Rafael Benitez has been sacked by Inter Milan after having only been in charge for six months, the Italians have failed to dominate in the Serie A, currently lying in seventh place in the League Standings and finishing second in their Champion’s League group, below Spurs.

Rafa joined the reigning European Champions after quitting Liverpool last season when Jose Mourinho left for Real Madrid. The Spaniard was on borrowed time after his speaking out in the wake of the Club World Cup success when he insisted that Massimo Moratti should back him in the transfer market if they wanted him to stay as coach.

Inter supremo Moratti had refused to stand by the Spaniard following his explosive comments and it now appears his had enough.

Pepe Reina could leave Liverpool

Liverpool’s Pepe Reina has hinted that he may quit Liverpool in the summer, the goalkeeper is frustrated at the lack of trophies Liverpool have won the past few seasons. The Spaniard, like other world stars with the merseysiders are bemused with the boardroom’s lack of investment into the first-team so they can challenge for honours.

But with the recent takeover from John W. Henry and the New England Sports Ventures, the future is looking bright.

Pepe Reina said, “I signed a six-year contract seven months ago and I’m happy at the club, but every footballer wants to be competing for trophies and winning things,” 

Reina is quoted in the this morning’s Daily Mail saying, . “I will stay at Liverpool at least until the end of the season.

“I know there are rumours about me leaving, but I want to make it clear that I have no intention of going back to Spain.”

He also added how influential former manager Rafa Benitez was in Reina signing with Liverpool, he said,  

“Rafael Benitez was an essential person for this club and the reason I came to Liverpool,”